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is a project financed by the European Union and the Romanian Government through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development,  measure 313 on the promotion of traditional cultural activities and local sports.

For information about other programs carried out under the European Union in Romania, as well as detailed information on the membership of Romania to the European Union,  you can visit the
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The local information and tourist promotion center. The newest industry in the commune, tourism, starts here on a good path, here in Luncoiu de Jos. The information and tourist promotion center is one of the arguments in favor of this statement. For the construction and operation of this activity at the commune level, European Financing worth 200.000 euros was accessed and used. The new center is located in the immediate vicinity of the mayor´s office. Its role is to share information on the commune´s tourist potential, including here the possibilities for lodging. The center also offers tourists promotional materials like brochures, tourist guides, maps and magazines, it offers advice to tourists in choosing the local tourist products. The tourist information center addresses both to the visitors interested in the possibilities to spend their free time as efficient as possible, as well as to the locals who want to learn different information about their commune, or to offer information to their guests. The information refers to the sights and tourist routes in the commune and the surrounding areas as well as information regarding local hotels, lodges, restaurants, clubs, and tourist agencies and rent a car facilities etc.).