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Tourist attractions

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There are many and diverse, fun and educational ways of spending free time here. Tourists coming to Luncoiu de Jos can go for walks on the forest roads, or hiking on the trails that gently climb over the hills´ ridges, can stop at local households and workshops of local artisans, can practice extreme sports or motorized sports, can relax by fishing or by listening to the local legends and tales of miners digging in the mountains with the hope of finding gold nuggets, or at least gold dust, are they are told by the locals.

Tourist attractions

They are the traditional master artisansAlthough two towns are somewhat close to the commune, a large number of local traditional artisans still “survives” in the commune, giving the location a very traditional look.

  1. Elena Sicoe – painter (details)
  2. Mirela Groza – traditional costume artisan (details)
  3. Ivan Romica – the caldron maker (details)
  4. Marin Costea – birch braider (details)
  5. Aurel Martin – miniaturist (details)
  6. Adrian Miheţ – master carpenter (details)
  7. Cristian Indrieş – traditional sausage (virsli) maker from Podele (details)
  8. Groza Radu – the blacksmith from Lucoiu de Jos (details)

    Tourist landmarks
  9. The communal grazing ground (details)
  10. The Muncel Plateau (details)
  11. Valea Mare (details)
  12. The Valea Lungă game and hunting park (details)
  13. Pleșa-Halda-Stean (details)
  14. Dealul Fetii (The Girl’s Hill) (details)
  15. The Brad – Deva railway (with the first station at the Girl’s Hill) (details)
  16. The churches in the commune (details)

Tourist map