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Customs and traditions

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Customs and traditions

  • nunta la “şopru” (barn wedding). Some years ago, weddings were organized at the groom or at the bride´s house in a barn made out of beams brought from the forests by the couple´s relatives. The woven branches were considered to be the outer walls, and on the inside the barn was covered with home woven carpets, and the chairs and tables, all made onsite were covered with traditional linens
  • claca la secera (the harvest gathering), a custom that merges work and fun. The villagers gather up to 10 or 20 people at a time to harvest the grain at one of the others. While they were working, musicians were playing in the background.

The folk dance ensemble “Stejarelul” from the Luncoiu de Jos commune. This ensemble was formed in 2000 as an initiative of the former mayor, Ioan Petrut and of the beloved country singer Lidia Benea – Matei, the former coordinator of the community center and of the ensemble until 2010.  Presently the ensemble is carrying out its activity under the direct guidance of the current mayor of the commune, Călin Dorin Dud, and the choreography is ensured by Aurel Lorinţi, who is also the ensemble’s technical coordinator.

The “Stejarelul” ensemble is structured on three groups: the young group made up of 8 pairs of dancers, the middle group made up of 11 pairs of dancers and the old group made up of 5 pairs. The repertoire is made up of “tarine” and dances from the Banat, Mures and Oas regions. Throughout the years, since its beginning, the ensemble took part at numerous contests and festivals, both home and abroad. It is the keeper of the rich cultural traditions, of the community customs and heritage.