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Adrian Miheţ – master carpenter

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         Adrian Miheţ – master carpenter. Wood working and barrel making are not traditional trades in the commune. Nonetheless, a “mot” from the foothill of the Gaina Mountain settled here and continued his family´s trade- barrel making. Though still young, aged 34 he has went to several exhibitions both home and abroad. He has learned to “talk” to the wood, to make it wield to his hand and get the shape he has envisioned for it. In his workshop he builds tzuica barrels out of mulberry, acacia, and even oak. Each type of wood gives the tzuica a different taste and color. He also builds large (so large that one can even sleep in them) wine barrels that he sells in Moldova. As a true “mot”, he also builds smaller things, like trugs, buckets and cloathhangers.

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