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Marin Costea– birch braider

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     Marin Costea– birch braiderThis trade is seldom found in the commune, even on the verge of extinction, although the raw materials are found in abundance here. An old miner weaves “cloambe” (sallow). His work is known from Vatza to Brad, Arad or Bucharest, at the Romanian Peasant Museum. He has perfected his skills of weaving wickers by size and color through each new basket he has made. These baskets needed to have two qualities: to look good and be durable. This is the reason for which he has started creating wicker baskets. He needed durable baskets in his household. On average, he makes about 100 baskets during the winter. His baskets of different sizes can be frequently seen at summer fairs, but also in his household.

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